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Magic Wands

Magic wands are used by certain religions and followers of occult practices. These wands may be used in ceremonies or to perform certain religious rites. The first magic wands were found in ancient Egyptian tombs, along with magic texts that would allow the soul to use them. Ancient practitioners of Zoroastrianism used bundles of sticks called barsoms during rituals. Similar wands were also used by ancient Greek and Roman priests.

A magic wand's significance is determined by the materials it is made of. Different woods and metals carry different types of significance according to the religious rite or act of magic to be performed. Stone and ivory can also be used, and gems are often used to decorate and add significance to wands. The staff, a straight stick 6 to 8 feet tall, is a form of magic wand.

Collectors of magic wands may be followers of or have an interest in Wicca or other pagan religions and rites, may have an interest in performing magic shows, or may just be avid Harry Potter fans. Shops that sell vintage magic tricks and books may also carry magic wands of different types.

Quick Facts

  • Magic wands used by magicians during stage shows, usually short and black with a white tip, are used to misdirect the audience's attention while the magic trick is performed
  • Universal Studios in Florida sells an interactive Harry Potter magic wand that has a sensor in it. The sensor interacts with gold medallions on the ground in different areas of the park. Visitors can "wave" their magic wands at the medallions, causing different displays to light up or react
  • In literature, the first magic wand appears in "The Odyssey", when Circe used her magic wand to transform Odysseus's men into wild beasts

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