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Maps of Mexico

Mexican maps date back to the 17th century. Many are detailed, colorful, and document the history of the region. The Siguenza map, named after government official and Aztec scholar Carlos de Siguenza y Gongora, has been kept by historians in Mexico since the 17th century is one of the first maps to document Mexico. Dating to the previous century, it is a pictorial representation of the Aztec migration from Aztlan to Tenochtitlan. Symbols for the amount of time spent in each location are added to the place glyphs, giving a physical picture of the journey.

The Franciscan monk Juan de Torquemada became interested in pre-Columbian Mexico when he took charge of a monastery in Tlaxcala. Torquemada prepared the "Monarqia Indiana," a set of several volumes documenting the history of Mexico.... Read more

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