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Men's Diamond Rings

Set in a variety of precious metals, diamond rings are an eye-grabbing accouterment to add to a gentleman’s dapper dress. While men’s diamond rings connote an air of elegance, they also hearken back to the fascinating history of the coveted gemstone.

Arguably the most breathtaking manifestation of the element carbon, diamonds are the product of billions of years of pressure under the earth’s surface. Originating many miles beneath ground level, diamonds move slowly towards the surface with the disruption of volcanic activity, making them accessible via mines.

Upon discovery in India thousands of years ago, diamonds catapulted into popularity, in part thanks to their believed protective powers. Ancient Hindu culture believed that diamonds bore talismanic powers, a connotation that... Read more

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Men's Burnished Diamond Wedding Ring in Palladium (0.18 ctw) #PAPPS21339

March 21, 2018, 12:00 AM PST
Burbank, CA, USA

$500 (starting bid)

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