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Men's Diamond & Sterling Silver Rings

With its characteristic white shine, sterling silver is an ideal compliment to the sparkle of diamonds, particularly when the two come together in a stately men’s ring. A tasteful tweak to a gentleman’s dress, diamond and sterling silver rings are sure to garner attention.

Though diamonds have been a celebrated means of adornment for millennia, it was not until the advent of sterling silver, in roughly the 12th century, that the two could be joined in jewelry designs. Sterling silver can trace its origins to English commerce in the creation of currency. Still today monetary accounts in the United Kingdom are reported in pounds sterling, yet soon after it joined the precious metal of gold as a means of conjuring jewelry designs. Though typically less expensive than golden equivalents, sterling silver rings with inset or mounted diamonds are nevertheless equally as impressive.

Quick Facts

  • Pure silver itself is relatively non-reactive; it is the alloy added to the silver (which helps reinforce the hardness of the metal) that reacts and results in the darkened surface
  • The name, silver, is actually derived from old the Anglo-Saxon “seolfor”
  • While sterling silver is an invention of the 1100s, silver itself was most likely discovered around 5000 B.C.

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