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Men's Sterling Silver Rings

Men’s sterling silver rings convey both beauty and a bit of the personality of the wearer. Whether embedded with jewels or emblazoned with patterns or motifs, men’s sterling silver rings have been perennially popular. The history of sterling silver begins in the 13th century, when English populations used it to connote a metal of the grade 0.925 silver.

This grade meant that any silver labeled as “sterling” had to contain at least 92.5% pure silver, with the remainder of the metal being made up of an alloy. The alloy addition was crucial because, similar to gold, pure silver is remarkably malleable and therefore not practical for applications that involved extensive use, such as jewelry or dinnerware.

The blend of sterling silver, however, was ideal, as the small percentage of alloy ensured the hardness of the metal while the high amount of silver maintained its luxury. Since the discovery of sterling silver it has adopted many applications, but it is in jewelry, like men’s sterling rings, that the precious metal shines.

Quick Facts

  • Silver has been used in the creation of currency for the past 2700 years. In fact, the word for “silver” and “money” are the same in over ten languages spoken around the globe
  • Silver also is crucial in many technologies; a silver-based crystal contributed to the innovation of photographic film exposure, and silver is also used in some batteries to boost their longevity
  • Silver can actually be polished to a higher sheen than gold and, for brief portions of ancient Egyptian history, it was more prized as well

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