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Men's White Gold Rings

Whether showcasing gemstones or simply reflecting its own elegance, men’s white gold rings are a stately signature. Though the history of white gold is somewhat murky, there is no doubt that today it is one of the most striking metals in which to create jewelry.

The first mention of “white gold” dates to the early 18th century, when alchemists Johann Friedrich Bottger and Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus documented their creation of the metal. The notion that these two gentlemen “created” it casts serious doubt on the validity of their claim, but their use of the term “white gold” soon was picked up in a variety of applications. This included reference to other white metals, such as platinum, used in jewelry design.

White gold itself is not technically “white"; its blended formula of yellow gold and other metals actually casts a very pale yellow shade. Confounding backstory aside, white gold today continues to be celebrated for both its beauty and its versatility.

Quick Facts

  • White gold skyrocketed into popularity following World War I. Before that point, most pieced rendered in “white” were made of silver or platinum
  • While exuding a similarly brilliant white sheen as does silver, white gold holds the immense advantage that it will not react to environmental stimuli as rapidly as silver does (in other words, tarnish)
  • Some white gold rings are encased in a plating of rhodium to ensure that they maintain that striking white look. That plating can wear off over the course of natural wearing, but rings can be replated at qualified jewelers

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