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Merwin & Hulbert Revolvers

Merwin Hulbert revolvers and their history are intertwined with American arms maker Hopkins and Allen. Merwin Hulbert was involved in arms production as early as 1856 as a part of Merwin and Bray. Later, he partnered with Hopkins and Allen to produce his revolvers as well as design several new innovative features. This included folding hammers for easier carry, easy takedown procedures, and interchangeable barrels.

Merwin Hulbert revolvers are instantly distinguishable by their ability to rotate the barrel 90 degrees to pull the barrel and cylinder forward and remove empty cases. Merwin Hulbert revolvers were considered the strongest weapons in their period.

There were numerous Merwin Hulbert models made that differed in size and caliber. Merwin Hulbert revolvers were never as popular as other brands, but are well-made weapons that are very capable.

Quick Facts

  • Merwin Hulbert had four generations of revolvers, each making small improvements to the platform
  • In 2010, Broadsword group attempted to bring back the Merwin Hulbert brand, but for unspecified reasons, this was never completed
  • Merwin Hulbert was sued for producing a copy of the Smith & Wesson Number 1. Smith & Wesson was later sued for producing a Glock clone

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