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Mexican Blankets, Rugs & Textiles

Mexican blankets, rugs, and textiles have a history that is as rich and vibrant as the many colors and patterns that they encompass. Mexican blankets, commonly known as "serapes," are said to date back to the days of the Aztecs when they were woven as gift offerings to the gods. The bright palette of these blankets and textiles created from the natural dyes of indigenous fruits and berries were said to ward off evil spirits.

Today, the bright colors that comprise Mexican blankets and rugs serve as a symbol for the cultural zest and vitality that define the people of this diverse nation. Textiles continue to be one of Mexico's most beloved exports, owing to their natural beauty, versatility and functionality.

Serapes are often woven from heavy wool, making them an ideal garment in... Read more

Items in Mexican Blankets, Rugs & Textiles

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March 22, 2018, 10:00 AM EST
Fairfield, ME, USA

$300 (starting bid)

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