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Miniature Dollhouse People

Small-scale dolls suitable for dollhouses began to be mass produced in the 1800s. These dolls were not usually advertised as dollhouse dolls, but were instead shown in catalogs as china babies or bisque babies. Usually, dolls 6 inches tall or shorter were used for dollhouses. Earlier dolls had china or bisque heads, hands, and feet with cloth bodies. Toward the end of the 1800s, small dolls made entirely of bisque or china, some with jointed shoulders and hips, were popular and affordable.

Dollhouse doll materials changed along with larger-sized dolls beginning in the '20s. Dollhouse dolls began to be made with composition and celluloid. Some dollhouse people were made with composition heads and bendable wire bodies that were wrapped in thread or fabric. The Canzler... Read more

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