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Depending on where it’s grown in the world, Monastrell, a fruit-forward, red-wine grape, may have a different name. In South Australia it’s referred to as Mataro, an important grape in GSM (Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre) blends, while in France it’s called Mourvèdre. You can also find single-varietal Mourvèdre across France—produced in the country’s Provence and Rhône regions—labeled as Bandol.

In Spain, you can find the grape flourishing in vineyards in Alicante, Jumilla, Valencia, Almansa, and Yecla. It’s extremely versatile, used everything from sparkling Cava to a single-varietal wine, where it’s an incredible value at retail (many cost under $15 and score points of 88+). The name Monastrell came to be because of the grape being grown at monasteries near Catalonia, the region that includes Barcelona.

Quick Facts

  • This grape is picked later in harvest as it takes longer to ripen than most grapes
  • Bandol, which is the wine made from Mourvèdre grapes, is also the name of a key wine appellation in France’s Provence region
  • Monastrell is the fifth-most widely planted wine-grape varietal in Spain

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