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Moscato Bianco

Several muscat grapes are referred to as moscato bianco (or muscat Canelli) in Italy, where the profile is often effervescent and fruity both in aroma and flavor notes. Moscato bianco wines are also on the sweet side and tend to be lighter in body. When moscato bianco is used to make Asti spumante and moscato d’Asti, this is especially true.

Moscato bianco is the fourth-most planted grape throughout all of Italy. It is primarily found in Piedmont, but is also produced in Sicily and Pantelleria.

There is no need to age moscato bianco wines because they taste best when young, usually within two years of their release from the winery. They are often enjoyed with dessert, salty snacks, or fruits.

Quick Facts

  • Moscato bianco is just one of about 200 grapes in the muscat family
  • Moscato bianco is also distilled as grappa, a dessert drink crafted from grapes
  • The alcohol content in a bottle of moscato bianco is just 5.5 percent

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