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Closely linked with Italy’s Piedmont region, and as the sole varietal in Barolo and Barbaresco, Nebbiolo is a wine that expresses lots of tannins and is light-bodied, with notes of tar and tobacco, as well as cherries and raspberries.

The nuances in this wine only deepen with age, making them a favorite among wine collectors. Although it’s iconic to Piedmont, only 6 oercent of the region’s vineyards contain Nebbiolo. Wherever it’s grown, the grape does not thrive in wet conditions; in some cases, severe rains can destroy the grapes altogether. Instead, a dry and hot climate is preferred.

While it’s believed to date back to 1st century A.D., the first recorded mention of Nebbiolo wasn’t until 1268. Today it’s grown in Italy’s Piedmont region, Washington, California, Argentina, Australia, Oregon, Virginia, and Mexico’s Baja region.

Quick Facts

  • The name “nebbilo” means “fog” in Italian, which moves into the region during each autumn’s harvest
  • Nebbiolo was so prized during the 15th century that anyone suspected of cutting down a vine was fined, and in some cases, hung
  • Most of the Nebbiolo planted in California’s Central Valley goes into jug wines

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