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Nikko Rifles

Nikko Golden Eagle rifles originate from Japan. They were produced as affordable alternatives to more expensive premium rifles.

Nikko rifles were imported throughout the United States and throughout the world. These rifles were produced in a wide variety of calibers that ranged from the standard American calibers like the .22-250, the 7 mm Remington magnum, and a wide variety of common hunting calibers.

Nikko rifles are as powerful as the .458 Winchester magnum, a capable caliber for hunting a variety of large animals. The rifles were made with a variety of high quality components. These include internal performance factors like Nikko’s excellent triggers as well as cosmetic functions like fine hardwood stocks. Nikko rifles have not been produced or imported for some time, so they are slowly becoming rarer.

Quick Facts

  • Nikko began importing rifles in 1958
  • The word Nikko translates to sunshine in English
  • It’s rumored that even Roy Weatherby was once tricked into believing a Nikko was a Weatherby at one point

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