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Paden City Glass

Established in the early 20th century in the West Virginia city of the same name, Paden City Glass Manufacturing Company was one of the most dynamic American producers of glass. Though the company was in existence for less than four decades, its designs still captivate antique glass collectors with their nuance.

While Paden City created mostly conventionally shaped tableware, they infused their designs with a vibrant array of color and patterns. Many pieces featured elaborate etched motifs such as the Lela Bird design, which added a dash of dazzle.

Though the company shuttered in 1951, their now-antique designs from Black Forest to Peacock continue to lure collectors. Paden City glass pieces are relatively scarce on the open market, making their discovery all the more exciting.

Quick Facts

  • Paden City featured pieces in more than twenty different shades. The most popular were their Cheri-Glo, a bright shade of pink, and Royal, which is an intense shade of cobalt blue
  • In their early years of production, Paden City bought old molds from other defunct companies such as the Highbee Glass Company. This can make it challenging to correctly identify Paden City pieces
  • Two of Paden City's most innovative creations were the three-legged mayonnaise bowl and the domed cheese and cracker set

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