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Perazzi Shotguns

Perazzi is an Italian firm that follows in the tradition of many fine Italian shotgun manufacturers. Like so many others, Perazzi began with Daniele Perazzi chasing his dream to produce a fine firearm and becoming a gunsmith.

At the age of 16, Perazzi accepted a position with a firearms company where he proved himself and began patenting his own shotgun models. In 1957, Daniele Perazzi founded Armi Perazzi and established himself as an arms maker.

Armi Perazzi exclusively produces shotguns and is dedicated to producing high-quality shotguns that fill a number of different roles. Perazzi offers three different lines of shotguns: game, express game, and competition models. Perazzi manufactures best shotguns in either side by side or over-and-under configurations. Perazzi offers a number of different grades for most models and allows users to choose a model to fit their needs and budget.

Quick Facts

  • More than a dozen Olympic medalist shooters use Perazzi shotguns
  • If ordered from the Perazzi factory, users have the choice of a variety of different engraving options
  • Perazzi still uses hand fitting by highly experienced gunsmiths

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