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Pinot Blanc

First grown in Alsace, France, pinot blanc now flourishes in quite a few wine regions around the world. These include Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Burgundy, California, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Hungary.

Pinot blanc grapes result in a very full-bodied wine. However, whether the wine tastes dry or sweet depends on the country. In Italy, Alsace, and Hungary, pinot blanc is a dry wine, while in Germany and Austria, they can be quite sweet. It’s also not uncommon to detect a trace of smoky flavor in pinot blanc wines from Alsace.

High in acidity, pinot blanc wines pair well with spicy foods and feature a bouquet reminiscent of apples and flowers.

Quick Facts

  • Canadian winemakers use pinot blanc to make ice wines
  • Pinot blanc grapes are permissible in Champagne blends in Champagne, France
  • In Alsace, pinot blanc grapes are used to make a sparkling wine called crémant d’Alsace

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