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Pinot Gris

A white-wine grape, pinot gris is referred to as pinot grigio in Italy and by many New World wineries. This grape expresses itself in a variety of hues depending on its country of origin, ranging from copper to light pink.

Pinot gris is grown in the United States, Tasmania, Marlborough, Germany, Alsace, Lombardy, and Aldo Adige. It typically thrives in a cooler climate.

The introduction of pinot gris to the United States only dates back 50 years. In 1966, Eyrie Vineyards in Oregon planted pinot gris vines, beginning the American pinot gris tradition in a location where it is well suited for growth. But part of the reason the grape has been so successful has nothing to do with the state’s terroir: for the last 30 years it’s been marketed as a delicious pairing with salmon, a fish that’s prevalent in Oregon.

Quick Facts

  • Pinot gris got its name from its gray-blue hue, which is "pinot gris" when translated into French
  • Winemakers often use pinot gris grapes to make orange wine, wherein the skins are left on the white-wine grapes during production
  • Pinot gris is a young wine, meaning it’s released at retail within as little as a month after fermentation

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