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Pompeian Antiquities

One of the most well-known catastrophes in human history, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. covered the coast with ash and lava and ended an era for Roman resort towns like Pompeii. Though devastating in its day, the eruption encased Pompeii, preserving its art and artifacts for all time.

The city of Pompeii, just outside of the bustling metropolis of Naples, was a relatively wealthy town in the Bay of Naples, dotted with the villas of affluent Romans who needed a vacation escape. This resulted in homes and civic structures that were lavishly decorated and stocked with brilliant furnishings and luxurious objects. Paintings filled the walls, sculptures dotted the entry atria, and art objects, from glass vessels to ornate jewelry worn by the household matron sparkled from room... Read more

Items in Pompeian Antiquities

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