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Pope Gosser China

Pope-Gosser China was founded by I. Bentley Pope and Charles F. Gosser in Ohio in 1902. Pope was a master potter who had just settled in Cochocton, Ohio from England, and Gosser was President of the Cochocton Board of Trade seeking to nurture the growth of manufacturing in Ohio. Pope-Gosser production began with the use of European clay mixed with quartz, kaolin, and feldspar, but eventually changed to American clay. Pope-Gosser soon became a well-respected international supplier of china. Their wares developed a reputation for resisting the signs of age as well as chipping and crazing.

This reputation for high quality has made Pope-Gosser highly sought after by china collectors. The marks on Pope-Gosser wares have changed throughout their production, so collectors should be aware of the different kinds. The earliest pieces are marked with Pope Gosser China. In 1908, a unicorn mark was implemented. In the '20s, they began to include Made in the USA on their marks off and on into the '40s when they introduced a tureen mark. Finally, the wreath mark was used in the '50s along with several other marks.

Pope-Gosser items often feature elaborate embellishments, such as ornate handles and patterned edges. The company merged with several other companies in 1929 to form the American Chinaware Corporation. In 1958, the company stopped producing china.

Quick Facts

  • Several Pope-Gosser pieces are in the British Museum's collection today
  • Near the end of the company's existence, they designed lines specifically for distribution in dime and hardware stores
  • Many Pope-Gosser wares are reminiscent of R.S. Prussia

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