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Prada Luggage & Briefcases

Prada, the much-admired eccentric design powerhouse, produces luxury travel and business bags on par with the best. Prada luggage, from the men's nylon and saffiano leather duffle to the classic wheeled fabric trolly carry above their weight, making transport a breeze, while Prada briefcases leave owners stylishly prepared for the office.

Prada founder Mario Prada made leather goods, including travel trunks, for Italian aristocrats and European industrialists. And Prada still dutifully churns out well-crafted bags and cases for the fashion cognoscenti and swanky international types.

After inheriting the family's luggage business, Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of one of the Prada brand's founders, set about creating bags, then shoes, then ready-to-wear fashion. In 1978, she designed a black pocono nylon rucksack that would eventually take the world by storm. The bag has been carried by men and women since the mid-'80s.

Quick Facts

  • In 2015, a black Prada soft-sided suitcase with leather trim sold at a Baldini auction in Tennessee for $225
  • In a March 2015 D.G.W. auction, a red leather trunk suitcase with a matching fabric lining in mint condition sold for only $225
  • A gently-used black leather Prada briefcase bag sold in a 2015 Heritage Auction for $687.50

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