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Predator Game Calls

Just like game calls, predator calls are an important part of sporting and hunting endeavors worldwide. And in North America, hunters have used these calls to bring in some of the continent’s most elusive beasts, such as coyotes, wolves, and bobcats.

Prior to World War II, the purpose of predator hunting was largely for self defense and protection of livestock, since North America’s settlers hunted game animals for food and clothing. By the late '40s, the value of predator pelts rose significantly, and predator hunting became a profitable sport. The rise in this type of hunting created a demand for game calls, and companies like Herter’s, Olt, Boynton’s, Burnham Brothers, and Weems answered with a variety of new products.

Although the prices for pelts dropped significantly by the '80s, hunting predatory animals for sport remained popular. Today, the market for traditional mouth calls is active, but electronic calls have grown in popularity due to their ease of use and range of sound.

Quick Facts

  • The Herter’s World Famous Predator Call was a popular call throughout the 20th century
  • Some hunters prefer mouth calls over electronic calls because they are economical, lightweight, and easy to carry
  • J. Morton Burnham is considered the father of predator calling. After realizing his mouth call attracted multiple species of predators, he fashioned the first hand-held calls and cofounded Birnham Brothers, Inc.

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