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Princess House Glass

A champion of the crystal glass tradition, Princess House crystal is some of the most celebrated decorative art at auction. Experiencing its peak years of production around the midpoint of the 20th century, Princess House is still beloved today by collectors of classic crystal glass.

First opening its doors in 1963, Princess House, the inspiration of Charles Collis, offered classic crystal stemware to the American consumer. Keen on keeping costs low, Collis envisioned a direct selling model, where independent consultants across the country could promote Princess House pieces. The business model worked, and soon, Princess House was a household name.

Some of Princess House's most iconic patterns were Highlights and Esprit, both of which showcased brilliant facets of glass in streamlined designs. Also popular were the Fantasia and Heritage patterns, the latter of which featured a delicate floral motif reminiscent of Japanese cherry blossom prints. With a heritage as a purveyor of fine crystal stemware, Princess House pieces are excellent heirlooms for generations to come.

Quick Facts

  • The women who first worked as consultants for Princess House earned the nickname of Crystal Ladies
  • Princess House's Heritage and Fantasia patterns are two of the company's oldest designs
  • Princess House is still in production today, however, their offerings have expanded to include a nearly- full range of kitchenware including the debut of their first stainless cookware line in the early 2000s

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