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Remy Martin Cognac

Named for its founding winemaker, Rémy Martin, this Cognac producer in Cognac, France was founded in 1724. Since 2011, Rémy Martin has been owned and managed by Rémy Cointreau. As early as the '80s, Rémy Martin achieved success in China as one of the first spirits producers to be part of a joint venture.

What sets Rémy Martin apart from other Cognac producers is its prolonged aging. Most Cognacs age for around six years, while Rémy Martin ups the ante to anywhere between 10 and 37 years, a process adopted in 2012.

Rémy Martin currently bottles 14 Cognac products. Among these are Louis XIII de Rémy Martin and Rémy Martin Grand Cru VS. The eau de vis used to make the Cognac comes from two prized appellations in the Champagne, France, region: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. First released in 2010, Rémy Martin V is a fairly new product that is a clear spirit. Rémy Martin V eschews the oak-barrel aging process, instead using a liquid-filtration process.

Quick Facts

  • Many rappers have referenced Rémy Martin in their lyrics, including Notorious B.I.G. and Dr. Dre
  • The price tag for a bottle of Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII Rare Cask is $22,000
  • The Chinese’s term for Rémy Martin translates to "man-headed horse," a riff on the producer’s highly recognizable centaur logo

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