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Remington Replica Revolvers

Remington revolvers are known for their quality and improvement on the Colt Single Action design. While they may have never achieved the name recognition of the Colt .45, they were popular on the Western frontier in the hands of lawmen, outlaws, and normal citizens.

Replicas of the Remington revolver are not uncommon. They are produced for collectors, role players, and Old West enthusiasts.

Remington replicas are designed by a variety of companies including Uberti and Cimarron, famed partners in the production of realistic replica revolvers. Companies including Taylor produce Remington replicas as well. While most replicas fire actual munitions, a variety of designs are purely ornamental and do not fire at all. Remington replica revolvers are quite popular, with many users appreciating the design and unique appearance of the weapon.

Quick Facts

  • Outlaw replicas of the Remington 1875 are modeled after Frank James of James-Younger gang fame
  • Remington revolvers are often replicated in calibers that were not available at the time such as .38 special and .357 magnum
  • Remington is an all-American company, but most reproductions are made in Italy

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