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Revolvers - General

Revolvers are simple firearms that draw their name from the revolving cylinder that aligns with the barrel prior to firing. Revolvers come in a variety of different categories, calibers, and variants.

Some revolvers are single action, meaning their trigger releases the hammer and fires the weapon. Others are double action in which the trigger cocks and fires the weapon. There are even rare examples of semi-automatic revolvers.

Revolvers have long filled a variety of different roles in society including military usage until World War I and use by police departments into the '80s. The revolver is still used extensively by civilians as an easy-to-carry powerful concealed carry firearm and by hunters looking for the power only a revolver can deliver. The revolver platform is the oldest platform still in regular service.

Quick Facts

  • Many people typically associate revolvers with six shooters, however, revolvers have been produced in capacities ranging from three to 18 rounds and beyond
  • The first practical and affordable revolver was invented by Elisha Collier in 1814
  • While rare, a small number of revolvers exist that can be effectively suppressed

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