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Royal Winton & Grimwades China

Royal Winton, originally named Grimwade Brothers, began in 1885 in England. Founded by Leonard Lumsden Grimwade, the company enjoyed early success, expanding from one showroom in Stoke-on-Trent to four factories and another showroom in London within two decades. In 1913, King George V and Queen Mary paid a visit to one of the showrooms where the Queen purchased a Winton Teaset, catapulting the pottery into its great success.

Royal Winton became well known for producing more than 60 Chintz patterns, flowery and colorful designs which were originally imported from India. They became the leading producer of this pattern. The pattern was discontinued in the '60s due to the high production costs required for it, making it a highly desirable find today.

In 1995, Royal Winton was purchased and its name reverted back to Grimwades Limited trading as Royal Winton. Since this acquisition, the company has reintroduced some of the Chintz patterns. Today, Royal Winton Chintz goes through eighteen production processes and is fired a total of four times. Old lithographing techniques are also used to achieve the floral pattern so revered by collectors.

Quick Facts

  • Christie's London has run auctions dedicated solely to Royal Winton's Chintz pottery
  • In March 1997, the first new piece of Royal Winton Chintz in almost four decades made its debut at the chintz convention in Pasadena, California
  • A collection of Royal Winton chintz sold at Christie's London in March 1997 for $1,297

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