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Sandstone Sculptures

There are many different types of stone used for sculpture, and sandstone is one of the most common. Evidence shows that even the earliest societies took part in some form of stone sculpting, most notably Egypt, Greece, India, and most of Europe.

Sandstone is formed from sedimentary sand held together by silica or calcium carbonate. There are two basic methods to sculpting stone. The direct method begins with the artist selecting the stone to work with and creates the form for the first time in the stone itself. A physical model is not used, but sketches may be.

The indirect method involves the artist using a clearly defined model to be copied onto stone. After either method, the artist will then use various tools to rough out and refine the edges and details of the work.

Quick Facts

  • Stone carving is an activity older than civilization itself
  • The softer the stone, the easier it is to carve. The MOHS scale of mineral hardness rates sandstone as a 4, making it one of the hardest stones available
  • Limestone and sandstone are the only sedimentary stones commonly carved

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