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Shotguns - General

Shotguns are weapons that are unique in the modern world of firearms. Shotguns are most often smooth-bore firearms that fire shot.

Shotguns originated from the practice of loading muskets with a group of shot instead of a solid projectile. They have remained popular throughout time and have followed firearms technology from matchlock to percussion and cartridge firearms.

Shotguns are close-range firearms that are popular for hunting and are the most effective weapon for hunting different species of birds. Shotguns are popular for home defense across the United States and are widely used by the police. They also have limited use in the modern military. Fine double-barrel shotguns are often known as best shotguns and are seen as status pieces and collectors' items.

Quick Facts

  • Best gun is a term that refers to a shotgun of the highest quality
  • Except for .410, shotguns are measured in gauge instead of bore
  • Shotguns are produced in single-, double-, and triple-barrel variants, pump actions, bolt actions, semi automatics, lever actions, and fully automatics

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