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Single Shot European Rifles

Europeans typically have more of an affinity for single-shot rifles than American sportsmen. Europeans often view single-shot rifles as the chosen weapon of only skilled riflemen, a handicap that only the best hunters can efficiently use.

European single-shot rifles are fine weapons with high levels of craftsmanship. These rifles are well built and designed to handle the powerful loads used in dangerous and large game hunting. European single-shot rifles are much lighter than standard double-barrel variants. This makes the rifle quicker to point and faster to swing.

Companies including Blaser, Marocchi, and Fanzoj all produce heirloom-quality single-shot rifles for the most discerning and skilled of hunters. These rifles are chambered in a wide variety of cartridges that span the world’s preferred calibers. This makes the weapons useful to hunters worldwide.

Quick Facts

  • Marochhi and Blaser single-shot rifles allow the use of multiple changeable barrels for enhanced customization
  • Rifles from Johann Fanzoj utilize old techniques to finish and build their weapons including hand-rubbed wood finishes and cold rust bluing
  • It's easy to mount scopes, slings, and other modern accessories on modern single-shot rifles

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