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Southeast Asian Furniture

Southeast Asian furniture is esteemed due to its quality, durability, and typically intriguing cultural provenance. Often, Southeast Asian furniture has a degree of cultural hybridity rarely seen in antique crafts. This is due to the many disparate cultures that have maintained a presence in the region through trade, travel, settlement, or colonization.

The Southeast Asian furniture produced during the arrival of the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century shows great cultural influence. As Dutch and Portuguese settlers arrived in Indonesia, they brought with them opulent furnishings from their native countries. These included large platters, chests, daybeds, and Baroque armoires. Local ateliers also created furniture pieces to meet the growing demand, resulting in furniture that displays elements of European, Middle Eastern, and Asian styles. This influence continues to define the aesthetic of Southeast Asian furniture today.

Quick Facts

  • Teak wood is indigenous to Southeast Asia and is prized for its durability, water resistance, and leather-like smell. It is highly sought after and popularly employed in the construction of luxury yachts and high-end Scandinavian furniture
  • Access to a wealth of raw materials from surrounding countries and inexpensive labor have helped make Vietnam a major producer of furniture and one of the largest suppliers to the United States
  • Southeast Asian furniture often features intricate carvings of Hindu and Buddhist deities as well as Polynesian accents

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Thai Celadon Glazed Vase mounted as Lamp, H: 37 in
Oct 26, 10:00 AM EDT
Thai Celadon Glazed Vase mounted as Lamp, H: 37 in
by Weschler's
Est: $50- $100
$250 Bids

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