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Spanish-American War

While often overshadowed by World Wars I and II, the Spanish American War is extremely important in terms of how it altered political boundaries. As such, there is a wide variety of collectible items from the early 20th century conflict, including valuable photographs from the war itself.

The Spanish American war was fought during a time when weapons and war was changing. The cavalry was slowly being eliminated, and the repeating rifle was the standard. The Spanish Mauser faced the Krag Jorgensen repeating rifle in battle, both models now popular antiques that give an excellent idea of how soldiers on both sides fought. Both sides also have distinguished clothing items that were created during a time of transition from decorative to pragmatic uniforms.

Quick Facts

  • Although the Gatling gun was in service during the Spanish American War, only four were used in combat during the fighting
  • The famed call to action, “To hell with Spain, remember the Maine,” was based on the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine, however there is no evidence the ship sank because of Spain
  • A variety of different uniforms were used in the war, due to the military mainly being composed of militias and volunteers, who had to bring their own uniforms

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