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Spencer Rifles

Designed and created by Christopher Spencer in 1860, the Spencer repeating rifle is a lever-action design. In fact, the Spencer repeater was the first successful design of a lever-action rifle. The Spencer repeating carbine was adopted in limited numbers by the United States Army, and its rapid fire ability made it popular with cavalry. The Spencer rifle proved popular with both sides of the American Civil War.

Production of the Spencer rifle ended in 1869, but the weapon has remained popular. Ammunition was produced until the '20s, and to this day can be found in specialty markets.

Faithful replicas of the Spencer rifle have been manufactured and distributed by Cimarron and Chiappa, among others. The Spencer rifle is an interesting development in small arms capability, one that led the world to the idea of adopting repeating rifles. It is a popular firearm among Western and American firearm enthusiasts.

Quick Facts

  • The Lightning Brigade, led by John Wilder, was armed with Spencer rifles. Their firepower made them successful time after time
  • John Wilkes Booth was armed with a Spencer rifle when he was arrested for the assassination of President Lincoln
  • The Spencer rifle was used by France in the Franco-Prussian War

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