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Stewart HO Scale Model Railroads & Trains

Stewart Hobbies was founded in 1984 by Steve and Terry Stewart in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. The company specialized in HO scale locomotives for model trains. Initially, Stewart produced locomotives using Athern parts, but in 1987, Stewart Hobbies made a deal with Kato to produce chassis for their locomotives.

The Stewart F series as well as the GE U25B and Baldwin models included Kato components. Hobbyists consider Stewart locomotives with the Kato chassis to be some of the smoothest-running HO scale locomotives ever manufactured. Stewart Hobbies purchased the molds for the F series locomotives from Kato in 1998 and they began producing their own locomotives. In addition, the company produced 55- and 70-ton hoppers in assorted railroad names.

In 2004, Steve Stewart sold Stewart Hobbies to the Bowser model train company. Bowser continues to produce locomotives using the Stewart patterns.

Quick Facts

  • Stewart locomotives have a reputation among hobbyists as smooth running and quiet. Models from the mid '90s are preferred even though they do not have a lot of detail
  • Vintage Stewart locomotives without details can often be purchased for under $100. Paint and details increase the price to $150 to $200
  • Bowser continues to offer parts for vintage Stewart locomotives

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