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Strands & Strings Necklaces - General

Necklaces ranging from a singular beaded strand to a sumptuous series of strings create compelling jeweled displays. Some of the earliest cultures on Earth have enjoyed necklaces, indicating that the love of strands and strings spans millennia.

Beads from a prehistoric strand have been discovered that date back to 80,000 B.C. These early ancestors created beads out of accessible organic materials and wore them in strands. For some, such strings signaled status, either as a wealthy individual or simply as a member of a particular cultural group. For others, beaded strands were a means of posthumous commemoration, as many prehistoric peoples were buried wearing strands of beads to both honor and protect them from negative forces in the afterlife.

Antique and vintage strand and string necklaces that we enjoy today reflect significant advances from these ancient days. Further refinements in metalsmithing, the discovery of new precious and semi-precious materials, and the development of technologies by which to craft consistently regularized beads have all changed the nature of these necklaces. From couture class to everyday elegance, our beloved strands and strings today bear a bit of this fascinating history and add to the continued cultivation of the tradition.

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