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SylvaC Pottery

British 19th century pottery producer SylvaC is still renowned today for its endearing animal figurines rendered in cheery colors. From their diminutive green rabbits to their Toby jugs, SylvaC pottery carved a unique niche out of the larger ceramic market and developed into one of the most treasured ceramic companies of the Staffordshire region.

SylvaC began as Shaw and Copestake in 1894, the pottery company launched by duo William Copestake and William Shaw. Though leadership of the company changed hands, the original name stuck, that is until 1938, when pieces produced in the factory began to be labeled "SylvaC." By this point, SylvaC had established themselves as a leader in the creation of quaint Toby jugs and adorable animal figurines, particularly rabbits and dogs in a veritable... Read more

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A Green Sylvac Spaniel Sitting Dog, Impressed Mark ' 1481 ' Sylvac.

March 22, 2018, 10:00 AM GMT
St Annes , United Kingdom

£16 (starting bid)

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