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Tekno Toys

Tekno is one of the few Danish die-cast toy makers and one of the only manufacturers to sell more than one million toy vehicles a year, a feat achieved during its heyday in the ‘50s. Manufacturing of Tekno began in 1928 as the company focused on model cars and construction toys. Though Tekno began as a toy company, it later produced promotional model trucks and still does today.

Tekno made several gentlemen's agreements with companies including Brio, Langes Toys, Termax, and several other Danish and Swedish die-cast manufacturers to produce their toys. Many of Tekno’s replica automobiles were produced by Termax and assembled by Langes Toys, sometimes confusing collectors as to their origin.

Tekno gained a reputation for accuracy and realism in their model toy cars. From the beauty of their Volvo cars to the unique features including 32 removable beer cases in the Tuborg Beer truck, collectors today seek out these highly detailed models.

Quick Facts

  • Tekno built its brand on making realistic models and never gave in to producing flashy vehicles, though some were manufactured with silvered bodies
  • Corgi and Dinky were Tenko’s principal competition. All three companies competed fiercely with one another, often producing the same model vehicle at the same time, sometimes confusing collectors
  • Many of Tekno’s original tooling from the ‘60s was sold to Dalia, a Spanish company. Collectors can be easily confused, as Dalia often produced their lines without company markings

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