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The Clash Memorabilia

With a musical style delving into punk, rap, funk, rockabilly, and reggae, the British band The Clash was a frontrunner of the punk genre and a predecessor to alternative music. Known for lyrics touching politics, class wars, and racism, the group gained popularity worldwide as a new generation retooled the pop culture scene.

The Clash was founded in 1976, and its longtime members include vocalist Joe Strummer, guitarist Mick Jones, bass player Paul Simonon, and Nicky “Topper” Headon. Producing five studio albums altogether, some of The Clash’s biggest hit singles were, “Rock the Casbah,” “White Riot,” and “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” To note, their third studio album, “London Calling,” is hailed by some as one of the best rock albums ever recorded.

After performing nearly a decade together and enduring several break-ups, The Clash disbanded in 1986. In 2004, the year following Strummer’s death from a heart defect, the Clash was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Quick Facts

  • The first 10,000 copies of the album, “The Clash,” had a sticker that could be mailed in to receive a record of a Mick Jones and Joe Strummer interview. An album found today with the sticker intact would be a prized find
  • The jeans brand Levi’s used the single, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go,” in a 1991 U.K. television commercial, and shortly after, the single reached number one on the U.K. music charts
  • The original album art from “London Calling” sold for $111,190 in 2009. The accompanying photograph of Simonon smashing his guitar has been considered as one of the best rock music photographs of all time

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