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Tiffany & Co. Glass Bowls

Universally renowned for their exceptional creations, Tiffany Studios, led initially by Louis Comfort Tiffany, is considered to be one of the most-collected antique glassmakers of all time. As a frontrunner in the Art Nouveau era, Tiffany and his team of designers embraced the aesthetic of the age through organic forms and miraculously-luminous glass.

Trained as an interior designer, Tiffany focused his efforts on glassmaking in the 1880s after having studied some of the leading trends in the field. He marveled at the luminous colors and effects achieved in glassware throughout history, even dating back to ancient times. Tiffany set out to strive for the same brilliance in his designs.

Word spread quickly of Tiffany's abilities to render a remarkable range of colors and textures in his pieces, particularly his bowls. His Favrile style, for instance, lavished his pieces in luminescence and luxurious colors that served as a perfect complement to the organic forms or references his pieces often assumed. Coveted in their day, antique Tiffany Studio bowls continue to cherished by collectors as true treasures of Tiffany design.

Quick Facts

  • Tiffany Studios' glasswork has been lauded with a number of awards, including a grand prize at Buffalo's Pan-American Exposition in 1901 and a gold medal at Saint Louis' Louisiana Purchase International Exposition in 1903
  • A record price was set for Tiffany Studio bowls at a Bonhams New York auction in 2014. A lot of six Tiffany Favrile glass paperweight bowls sold for $20,000
  • Tiffany bowls are featured in the glass collections of some of the world's finest museums, including New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

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Louis Comfort Tiffany Favrile Glass Bowl, Signed L.C.T. 280B, 4 1/2" Dia. X 3 1/2"H, EC
Jan 06, 1:00 PM EST
Louis Comfort Tiffany Favrile Glass Bowl, Signed L.C.T. 280B, 4 1/2" Dia. X 3 1/2"H, EC
by Homestead Auctions
Est: $0- $0
$1005 Bids

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