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Tillig Bahn TT Scale Model Railroads & Trains

Tillig Modellbahnen GmbH & Co. KG is a model railroad company located in Sebnitz, Saxony, Germany. They produce model railroad products in TT, HO, HOm (Hon3.5), and HOe scales. Tillig is the largest manufacturer of TT scale model railroad products in the world. TT scale is 1:120, which falls about halfway between HO scale and N scale in size.

Tillig was originally called Zeuke and was founded in 1949 by Werner Zeuke and Helmut Wegwerth. As the company was located in East Germany, it was nationalized in 1972 and became Berliner TT Bahnen, or BTTB. Werner Zueke returned to the company in 1990 when it was denationalized and renamed BTTB-Zeuke. Werner Zeuke left the company again in 1991 and BTTB-Zeuke went into bankruptcy in 1993. At that time, it was purchased by Hans-Jurgan Tillig, who renamed the company Tillig Bahn.

In addition to model train locomotives and cars, Tillig manufactures both standard TT gauge track and integrated roadbed track called Bedding Track. Tillig's Bedding Track utilizes the Unijoiner system produced by KATO. Tillig also manufactures dual gauge track, which is track that can run trains of two separate gauges. In addition, Tillig distributes models manufactured by Kres and Piko, as well as accessories from several manufacturers.

Quick Facts

  • Hans-Jurgen Tillig stepped down as Tillig's CEO in 2010. He was replaced by Guenter Kopp
  • The Tillig factory in Sebnitz has a museum that shows the history of model railroading. The display emphasizes TT scale. Current models and shop equipment can also be viewed
  • Prior to purchasing BTTB-Zeuke, Hans-Jurgen Tillig produced Pilz model railroad track. This track was high quality HO scale track that is now sold as Tillig's HO Elite track system

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