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Title Pages

The first printed books had no title pages. Books sometimes began with a mere phrase, such as "Here beginnith." The first printed colophon appeared on "The Mainz Psalter" printed by Fust and Schoeffer in 1457. The colophon was a signature at the end of a work which described the author and date, as well as the share in the work’s production by illuminators or printers. The first title page was created by Schoeffer in 1463 after the the colophon in the final pages of books became too busy. The concept of a printer’s device, bearing a design much like a modern logo, spread rapidly and became more decorative and advertorial. In the 16th century, bookmakers preferred a long-winded title page bearing a wealth of borders, embellishments, and boldly-scripted typefaces.

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James (M.R.).- James (Gilbert) Original lettering and artwork for title-page of The Five Jars, 1922.

March 22, 2018, 10:30 AM GMT
London, United Kingdom

£260 (starting bid)

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