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United States Senate

The United States Senate was formed as a stipulation of the United States Constitution and first convened in 1789. The Senate was designed to equally represent all of the states and provide a more stable branch of the legislature with two senators from each state, regardless of the state's population.

United States Senate memorabilia appeals to collectors as a branch of political collecting. While not as popular as presidential memorabilia, Senate memorabilia is desirable especially if the senator represented did something notable in the senate. Collectors often seek memorabilia from famous senators such as Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Robert Lafollette, Hubert Humphrey, and Edward "Ted" Kennedy.

The easiest pieces of United States Senate memorabilia to acquire are campaign buttons from the campaigns of individual senators. Campaign buttons can be purchased from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on the senator and the campaign. Collectors also seek out autographed photos, letters, and correspondence from famous senators. The value of the signature on these items is dependent on the individual senator represented.

Quick Facts

  • A photograph taken by Jackie Kennedy in 1954 showing herself, then-Senator John F. Kennedy, and his sister-in-law Ethel Kennedy reflected in a mirror sold at auction for $4,887 in 2013. The auction estimate was $100-$200
  • Kentucky Senator Henry Clay ran for president five times and lost each time. A circa 1844 antique flag with an image of Clay surrounded by stars is currently valued at $2,650
  • A collection of letters written by Harry S. Truman, one from 1937 on United States Senate stationary, sold for $1,353 at auction in 2014

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