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U.S. Historical Society Revolvers

The U.S. Historical society produces a number of historically accurate revolvers that are replicas of famed firearms like the Colt Single Action Army, The French Lemat Revolver, and a number of different commemorative firearms.

U.S. Historical Society firearms are often made in small numbers. They are typically inlaid with gold, silver, and frequently hand inlaid with fanciful designs.

U.S. Historical Society firearms are made for collectors in limited numbers, but can and do fire live ammunition. These firearms use the highest-quality materials in their construction and are built by the hands of well-trained craftsmen. These collector-grade firearms are quite rare and made in such small numbers that they retain and grow in value.

Quick Facts

  • U.S. Historical Society firearms have been made to commemorate men like J.E.B. Stuart and Wild Bill Hickock
  • Some firearms built by U.S. Historical Society still implement legal ivory in the construction of their grips
  • U.S. Historical Society produces a variety of revolvers, but they also produce historical firearms ranging from muskets to Thompson Submachine gun clones

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