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Weatherby Shotguns

The Weatherby company began when famed wildcatter Roy Weatherby decided to open up shop and revolutionize the rifle world. While Weatherby’s name is largely attached to shotguns and rifle calibers, their shotguns are well reputed.

Weatherby produces gas and inertia-operated semi-auto shotguns as well as pump action and over-and-under shotguns. Their shotguns are produced for both sporting and tactical uses.

Weatherby tactical shotguns are available in both pump and semi-automatic actions with capacities ranging from five to eight shots. These shotguns are designed with home defense in mind and include rail systems and either pistol-grip designs or straight stocks. Their semi-auto sporting designs are lightweight and point naturally, making them perfect for upland bird hunting. Weatherby also offers traditional pump-action deer-hunting shotguns and even scope-ready slug guns.

Quick Facts

  • The Weatherby WBY-X series of shotguns utilizes a series of licensed camouflage patterns that include the effective Kryptek
  • The Orion 1 is Weatherby's first over-and-under shotgun and is a competitor as a fine shotgun
  • Weatherby’s inertia-driven shotguns offer a reliable high-volume shooting system that is somewhat unique for shotguns

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