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Westclox Pocket Watches

Westclox is one of the oldest watch makers in the United States, and defined an era of affordable yet aesthetically pleasing watches. Originally formed as the “United Clock Company” by Charles Stahlberg and his collaborators in 1885, the company took shape in Peru, Illinois.

Over subsequent years the company experienced several bankruptcies and reorganizations, eventually taking the name “Western Clock Company” in 1912. A few years later, that name was shortened to “Westclox." Always at the front line of innovation, Westclox pioneered new applications for time-telling technologies throughout the 20th century, securing the company’s status as one of the most recognizable watch brands.

Quick Facts

  • Stahlberg’s first patent involved the use of alloys in the creation of some of the essential watch mechanisms. It was this innovation and the resulting patent, in part, that spurred his launch of the company only a few months later
  • The success of the Westclox brand encouraged them to expand production overseas, but this expansion was hampered by the onset of World War II. Instead, they turned their efforts to creating timepieces for the United States military
  • In the late 1950s, Westclox attempted what is considered the first “snooze” alarm, now a standard feature on clocks with an alarm feature

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