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Westley Richards Shotguns

The Westley Richards motto is to be the maker of as good a gun as can be made. That sentiment has guided the arms maker in their production of some of the finest shotguns ever manufactured.

William Westley Richards created the firearms company in 1812. Westley Richards has been producing shotguns for more than 200 years. He used his extensive knowledge as a shooter to create fine shotguns.

Today, the Westley Richards company produces two styles of side-by-side shotguns: the sidelock and drop lock, also known as the hand-detachable lock. Both shotguns are specifically designed for sporting purposes, including clay pigeons and hunting birds of all types. These finely made shotguns qualify as best shotguns and are well reputed for the fine craftsmanship used in their production.

Quick Facts

  • Westley Richards is still located in the old Birmingham gun quarter
  • The drop-lock design was discovered by chance when a workshop foreman was instructed to cover the pins visible on the Anson and Deeley action
  • Westley Richards produces shotguns in calibers as small as .410 bore and as large as the powerful 4-gauge shotgun

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