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Winchester Double Shotguns

Winchester has designed some of the most interesting and revolutionary shotguns in the world, including a number of double-barreled shotguns. These shotguns pale in popularity to Winchester's pump-action series, but are fine firearms in their own right.

Winchester began developing double-barreled shotguns on the 20th century. They were designed to fill the demand of an increase in skeet and trap shooting in the United States.

Winchester designed double-barreled shotguns in both side by side and over-and-under models. These shotguns were largely designed for bird hunting and clay pigeon shooting. Winchester carved out their slice of the market by producing high quality yet affordable double-barreled shotguns. These simple weapons were effective, easy to shoot, and only lacked when it come to unnecessary features like engraving work. Winchester still produces the legendary Model 101, an over-and-under shotgun with several submodels designed for field use as well as trap and skeet. These new Winchester shotguns are produced by esteemed Belgian gunsmiths.

Quick Facts

  • Winchester created the 150th commemorative edition of the Model 101 to celebrate Winchester’s 150 years of arms production in 2016
  • Winchester produced a total of five different double-barrel shotguns, but only one is still being produced
  • The Winchester Model 24 was designed to compete with other affordable American double barrels and was highly successful with more than 100,000 produced

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