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Winchester Model 1886 Rifles

When you combine the manufacturing ability of Winchester and the genius firearms designs of John Moses Browning, you end up with a legendary rifle. In this case, it was the Winchester Model 1886.

The Model 1886 is a lever-action repeating rifle that chambered a wide variety of rounds including the .44-40 and .45-70. The rifle is stout, very strong, and capable of being chambered in the impressive .50-110, a round powerful enough to take down large and dangerous game.

The Winchester 1886 is very popular and has been used worldwide by hunters, lawmen, and civilians. The Model 1886 is one of Winchester's most popular rifles. The Winchester 1886 was made in large numbers produced from 1886 to 1935. It proved to be adaptable to smokeless powder with minor barrel alterations. The Model 1886 is still a popular and dependable rifle.

Quick Facts

  • The Royal Flying Corps purchased Model 1886 rifles with special incendiary rounds for taking down German airships during World War I
  • Considered a true express rifle, the Model 1886 can be used to hunt everything from rabbit to buffalo depending on the caliber
  • The Winchester model 71 is the same rifle as the Model 1886 with a minor modification to adapt the weapon for .348 Winchester

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