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Winchester Model 1892 Rifles

The Winchester Model 1892 was the result of a partnership between Winchester repeating rifles and firearms designer John Moses Browning. Upon its release, this model became an instant success.

The Winchester 1892 is a scaled-down version of the famed Model 1886. Mechanically, the Model 1886 and 1892 are identical. The 1892 is simply slimmer and smaller. The Model 1892 could not be chambered in the larger cartridges like the .50-110 and was chambered in a variety of smaller-caliber cartridges.

The smaller, lighter weapon was more popular with a variety of shooters, including women and younger shooters. The Winchester Model 1892 was one of the most popular firearms in Hollywood westerns since it was light and dependable with blank firing ammunition. The 1892 is still produced by Winchester and reproduction companies including Rossi, Chiappa, and Browning.

Quick Facts

  • The "Rifleman" television show used the Model 1892 as Chuck Connor’s weapon
  • The Secretary of War Patrick Hurley received the millionth Model 1892
  • The Winchester Model 1892 is now produced in popular cartridges like the .357 magnum, .44 magnum, and .454 Casull

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Unterhebelrepetierbüchse, Winchester 1892, Takedown, Kal. .44-40
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