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Women's Corum Watches

Rene Bannwart and his uncle, Gaston Ries, founded the House of Corum in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1955. In 1964, they launched the Coin watch, made from two halves of a genuine $20 U.S. Liberty Eagle with a watch movement inserted in between. An instant international bestseller, it was worn by numerous U.S. Presidents.

Corum has always favored the avant-garde. The Romvlvs, launched in 1966, featured hour numerals on the bezel, not the dial. In 1970, the Feather watch was composed of authentic bird feathers, an artistic and technical feat. Later, the Rolls-Royce watch (1976) was shaped like the grill of the car, representing the first partnership with a luxury automobile manufacturer.

The Corum collections for women reflect an exquisitely daring and creative approach to horological artistry. The Admiral’s Cup Legend 38 Lady series translates their men’s Admiral’s Cup line into delicate, feminine pieces with diamonds, mother-of-pearl, and quartz dials with checkerboard and jeweled inlay designs.

Quick Facts

  • The iconic Golden Bridge Ceramic women's collection becomes the Miss Golden Bridge Ceramic, slimmer, elegant, yet with all the ground-breaking impact of the original men's version
  • Vintage Corum watches for women include the iconic small Bubble watch, the Horizontal, the Coin and the Sugar Cube
  • The Corum brand emblem is a key pointing skyward. It signifies the mystery of time, and the key to mastering it

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