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Women's Eberhard Watches

Founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1887 by Georges Eberhard, the firm produced its first wrist chronograph in 1919, a mono-pusher stopwatch that later led to the development of their first dual pusher chronograph, featuring a start, stop, and reset. Eberhard watches rapidly became known outside of Switzerland and were worn by the wealthy, Italian Royal Navy Officers and sportsmen.

When international trade recovered after the Second World War, Eberhard & Co. launched the Extra-Fort, a collection which is still successful today. Italian entrepreneur, Paulo Monti led the company to a revival of their mechanical watch business in the 1970s when other watch companies were closing during the quartz era.

Eberhard launched their first ladies’ watch in 1910. They now mostly sell to men, but still offer several pieces aimed at the female market, most notably the Chrono Lady series, the Contograf Chronograph, the Aquadate and the Gilda. The latter is available in many different variations including Curvy Rubies and Diamonds and Curvy Violet, so named because the Roman numerals on the dial curve asymmetrically into the center of the dial.

Quick Facts

  • In 1921, Eberhard patented the “Calotte Patrouille” which protected the movement from dust and dampness
  • In 1997, the company introduced the 8 Jours model, with an eight-day power reserve, patented spring drive system with two overlapping springs, 125 cm long
  • Current CEO Barbara Monti is the daughter of Paulo Monti

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